Zinnkoepflé Grand cru


Majestic arduous and steep slopes, facing South and South-East, the Zinnkoepflé or Sonnenkoepflé ( head in the sun ), overlooks the picturesque and convivial Noble Valley.

Roof of the Alsatian vineyard, it enjoys a privileged position, sheltered from winds and rainfall, creating a warm and dry microclimate. The Zinnkoepflé allows the vines to prosper, in a sandstone limestone’s soil, up to 420 meters high.

Gewurztraminer is mostly represented in this 68 ha land. The Muschelkalk’ limestone, combined to a low rainfall (270mm during the vegetative period) due to the protection of the Petit & Grand Ballon, lead to wines rich in flavours, spiced, full of fire, especially the Gewurztraminer. Paradoxically, Riesling is born in finesse and in subtle harmony. Pleasant in their youth, Zinnkoepflé Grand Cru amaze by their extraordinary aptitudes in maturity and are therefore labelled to become long-keeping and gastronomic wines.

We are lucky to have almost 3.5 ha vines on this magnificent hillside, where Riesling, Muscat, Pinot-Gris and of course Gewurztraminer are represented.

Those wines are an harmonious balance between the soil, the exposure, the Grape Variety and a marvellous climate. They are deep wines, saline, with a great aromatic finesse and a noteworthy acidity.