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Pinot Gris 2015
- Vendanges Tardives

bottle of 75cl


A mellow white wine. A fine and highly aromatic nose, revealing plums, apricot and candied citruses smells. Yellow fruits on the palate, this wine is characterized by the liveliness of its attack, balancing its powerful and smooth texture.

Technical aspect

Grape variety : Pinot gris

Alcohol : 12,75 % 

Natural residual sugars : 68,4 g/l

Acidity : 5,55 g/l in tartaric acid

Land : Sandstone limestone soil. Fossils’ limestone

Exposure : South-facing hillside

Picking : Late harvest comes from overripen grapes, manually harvested late in the season. Grapes contract noble rot (Botrytis Cinerea) with a high concentration of sugar in the berries.

Vinification : Slow pressing with full grapes to avoid crushing. Traditional vinification with long fermentation and temperature control. Minimum of 6 months maturing in wood barrels or stainless steel tanks before bottling.

Crops : HVE3 certified & converting to organic agriculture

Side dish

Outstanding as an appetizer, with foie gras, sweet-salty dishes, Asian cuisine, or a fruit dessert.

Tasting temparature 8 to 10 °C

Shelf life : up to 10 years