Estate's history

From father to son since 1640 and from father to daughter since 1995…

From one generation to the next, growing the vines has been in the FLECK family since at least 1640. In 1920, Louis FLECK, my grand-father, took over the wine-growing business in Soultzmatt’s village centre, and started the first Fleck’s winery bottling in 1942.

In 1956, René, my father, was ready to take over. My mother Lucie joined him in 1964 and together they worked on the development of the family estate. In 1967, in order to develop and grow, they built new buildings and moved to the periphery of the village.

Since 1995, it is me, Nathalie, the youngest of the three daughters, who is running the winery, after studying viticulture and oenology, and a 6 months internship in the United States of America.

In 2002, my husband Stéphane (Steinmetz), whose fate was not to work in that field, joined me after a two-years course in a viticultural school. Him, rather in the vines and on tractors, and me taking care of the wine cellar and vinification. We share administrative and commercial tasks, in other words we complement each other.

Our daughter Emma is born in 2005, followed by her brother louis in 2008, maybe future winemaker…